We believe radio recording should be as simple as adding a calendar event. We have created Quick Record to make it as simple and as quick and simple to start recording your radio show or your station.

To help you to get started with your recordings we have a selection of youtube videos to help you step through the setup of your Quick Record recording account. We have a dedicated recording support team to help you. If you would rather have one of our team give you a step by step and setup your account with you please contact us info@quickrecord.uk.

The three recording videos we have for you to walk through are ‘Getting Started’ – This will give you a quick start to our recording solution. ‘Advanced Features’ – This will give you step by step for setting up social media, custom images and id3 tagging. ‘Station Manager’ – This will show you all the recording features for radio stations for example skip the adds. 

Getting Started

How to get started with Quick Record, signing up, setting up your first recording stream. Using the recording schedule, setting up your streaming link and listening back to your first show. We have also added the Quick Add feature allows you to add new shows and streams within seconds. You can find this featuure on the Quick Record Dashboard under "Quick Add".

Advanced Features

How to setup your advanced features for your recording, Auto Tweet, Uploading, id3 tagging, images uploading and more. This covers all uploading options, Twitter, SoundCloud, MixCloud, Email.

Station Manager

Station manager features, how to manage your radio station recordings and extra features such as skip the ads. We can help you configure you radio station schedule, we can setup all your recordings so that you maintain your shows.