Radio Station Recording

Quick Record will record and upload any station. Please contact us below for pricing for Radio Station Recording, we like to offer custom recording solutions that meet your recording requirements. One of the stations we have worked with is FlexFM shows are always up before DJ’s have put their headphones down.

Remember you can sign up and get five hours radio recording for free to get you started, Sign Up. If you sign up let us know and we will happy extend the trial you have as a station, we believe in our solution and we know you will feel the same excitement as we do when your show is up and playing back within seconds.

As a station you have access to all the features:

Scheduled Calendar

Recording 247/365 via our scheduled calendar – Weekly radio shows / Bi weekly shows / Once a month & One off shows, you can quickly disable a show, if a DJ is unable to do their show that week you can disable the show with one click, and setup a one off to cover their show. With one click clone a existing show.

ID3 Tags

ID3 tags for your radio show, on your downloaded mp3 all tags correctly tagged. Images can be added to each show, so when uploaded to SoundCloud/MixCloud/Twitter the image attached with the show is uploaded. If your DJ’s don’t have their own e-cards you can have a default image for your station.


Uploading to all the media platforms, SoundCloud, MixCloud, FTP, Email, Dropbox and your own website with our own player or yours. We like to stay flexible with our options, we give you complete control of your recordings. We don’t make money from your recordings, we don’t add ads to your recordings, you have control over your media.

Skip the ads

As a station you will have access to the skip the ads feature, this allows you to setup skipping your ads, we understand that ads are charged for a set amount of time, a lot of stations would rather these are not on the recordings, we can remove these for you.


We can publish to you Twitter and Instagram pages, this includes your radio shows artwork & custom messages. This can be when your radio show starts and also at the end with a listen back URL. we are here to help you and your station grow. We don’t just want people to listen back, if we can help grow your listeners at the sametime as recording we will.


We allow you to have a direct download link to your radio show so you can keep a local copy of your radio show. We don’t keep a copy of your recording after your expired time (4 weeks), we don’t allow others to listen back to your shows from our system. They are your recordings.