Quick Record News

Keep up to date with Quick Records latest news and features. If you require more information on a new recording feature or require help setting this up please contact us.

Dropbox Feature – 03/03/19

Quick Record now allows you to add your radio recording to your Dropbox. As soon as your show has finished we upload to your Dropbox, this is normally available before you even leave the station. This can be enabled from the “Upload & Social” tab. This is feature as with all recording features is available on any account, station or DJ. The recording will be added to a new folder on your Dropbox called QuickRecord. You are able to add your DropBox link to your twitter notification so your listeners can download your show from your DropBox.

YouTube Tutorial Videos – 12/02/19

To help new and existing user we have now launched our YouTube channel. We currently have three tutorials, Getting Started, Station Manager & Advanced Features. We strongly recommend that you watch these to get the most out of your Quick Record Radio Recording account.