What is Quick Record?

Simply put, Quick Record allows you to record and archive streaming radio broadcasts as they happen so you and your listeners can listen again on demand. Think of it as an always-on VCR for radio.

Quick Record for Stations

Quick Record allows you to record every show without having to invest in hardware or software. We will archive (for a limited time) and upload your shows to the chosen platforms on your behalf. 

Quick Record for DJs

Are you a DJ, always forgetting to record your show? Recordings always failing? You never need to remember to record, are schedule allows you to play, we record and upload to your chosen place.

Quick Record in a summary

If you are looking for a podcast / playback solution with no setup costs, no hardware device costs, latest features added at no extra cost and can be setup within minutes. 

You can be anywhere in the world we can support your station or show. It could be once a week, or 247. Sign up and get five free hours to test with and if your a station we will give you a week for free with unlimited minutes.

Social media updates for your shows, custom artwork supported, id3 tags, mixcloud, SoundCloud and FTP uploads all available.

Quick Record is a cloud platform that gives broadcasters and listeners the ability to record their radio shows, automatically and unsupervised. The Quick Record platform has been developed from the perspective of the listener and DJ, with input from Radio Stations and DJs, making Quick Record attractive to everyone.

People often miss their favourite radio shows because of their schedule or location, Quick Record makes it easy to record. Professional broadcasters and DJs need a cost-effective way to offer their broadcasts, we give you the tools to be able to do this. Quick Record supports multiple time zones, so wherever you are in the world you can record. We believe everyone should be able to listen back to your shows at their convenience, be on demand!